We accept the following payments

Bank Transfer

Prepayment by bank transfer is the classic payment method. You transfer the invoice amount in advance. Once the money has been credited to our account, your order will be dispatched - subject to availability. Please always indicate the order number as the intended purpose during the transfer, so that we can allocate your payment.

EU standard bank transfer

Pay conveniently by bank transfer within the European Union. Immediately after placing your order, you will receive our bank details with IBAN and SWIFT / BIC code. Once your payment has been received on our account, your order will be dispatched, subject to availability.


PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly in online shops. For you as a buyer, this service is of course free. Your bank or credit card details are only deposited with PayPal. That's why they do not have to be re-sent over the Internet every time you shop online.

  • You simply pay with two clicks. Because you can access your bank or credit card details stored at PayPal instead of re-entering them each time you buy.

  • PayPal payments arrive quickly. We will receive a confirmation from PayPal immediately after the payment and can process your order immediately and send it, if marked with "in stock".

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can open an account here and use PayPal immediately. Simply link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account.

Note: In exceptional cases, depending on the deposited payment method in your personal PayPal account, it may take a few working days before PayPal confirms receipt of payment.


The payment method debit is offered to you via a service of PayPal. During the order process, you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page, where you can enter your bank details. Creating a PayPal account is not necessary.

Credit card

In our webshop, payment can also be made using the standard credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Network. To pay by credit card you will need the 16-digit card number, the credit card expiration date and the check digit. Your highly sensitive data is sent via SSL encryption. If the payment is successful, the shipment can be made. Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipping the goods. The payment is handled by a service of PayPal. The payment method credit card can also be used by buyers who do not have their own PayPal account. Payment to the merchant is processed and made via PayPal Plus.

Purchase on invoice

The payment method Purchase Invoice is offered to you via a service of PayPal. This can also be used by buyers who do not have their own PayPal account. Payment to the merchant is processed and made via PayPal Plus. If you have chosen the payment method "purchase on account", please transfer the purchase price to PayPal. The bank account information from PayPal can be found in PayPal's emails for your purchase or bill.

If you have made the transfer of the invoice amount incorrectly on the bank account of us, please contact us (Tel: +49 176 43877555 or email: info@senotechnology.com), then the money will be returned to you. We ask you to make another transfer to the bank account of PayPal. The account information can be found in the emails from PayPal to the order.

Please also contact the PayPal customer service (Tel: 0800-7234730) , so that any dunning procedure that may have started will be stopped.

PayPal carries out a risk assessment after selecting Buy on Invoice. This can lead to the collection of credit information from various credit bureaus.

SENO TECHNOLOGY - Sebastian Noworolski has the claim against you in the payment method "purchase on account" via PayPal in the context of an ongoing factoring contract to PayPal (Europe) S.ār.l. et Cie, SCA ceded. Payments with a debt-discharging effect can only be submitted to PayPal (Europe) S.ār.l. et Cie, SCA.

Cash on pickup

You can pick up your order from us and pay cash. However, we ask that you make an appointment with us before picking up.