Packing list for a Hard Enduro stage tour created by SENO TECHNOLOGY / SENO-OFFROAD

12.02.2019 16:49

We present you our smart packing list for your hardway tour. The list is designed for stage tours (from accommodation A to accommodation B), without escort vehicle, for several days. That means you only have the bare essentials. The equipment is divided into three pockets, with the positive effect of weight distribution and the minimization of the complete equipment loss. We recommend a waterproof 30-liter backpack, a middle fanny pack (SENO TECHNOLOGY) and a waterproof 5-liter bag with center and side buckles. The packed backpack (5-6 kg) and the fanny pack are on the driver, the pannier (about 1 kg) is attached 2-3 fold on the motorcycle tail fender.

We divide the packing list into eight categories.

Motorcycle, technical aids, tools, equipment/ clothing, food, hygiene and documents


  • GPS holder, manufacturer specific
  • Spare lever for brake, clutch
  • Chain lock, especially for your chain
  • Brake disc lock with reminder cable, if necessary with alarm system; Attachment is made on the motorcycle, space in the air filter box
  • Small sports license; when you fall you do not bend the whole tail

Technical aids:

  • Disposable gloves; Do not weigh the world and you are happy if you do not have filthy hands for days
  • Lubricant, eg WD40 in the miniature version approx. 50 ml
  • Tow rope/ clamp belt, approx. 5 m long
  • Motor oil in small vial, eg olive bottles 0.2 l, stable
  • Ducktape, about 3 m cut off and rolled up clean
  • Cable ties, various sizes
  • cleaning cloth
  • Cold metal, small version
  • Mini chain oil approx. 50 ml or use lubricant if necessary
  • Sealant, small version; eg Dirko HT
  • Possibly. 2-stroke oil in the mixing container


  • Japan saw, eg Fiskars; so you can very effectively cut off larger trees / branches
  • Board tool; Replace all inferior tools with quality tools and add a Knipex Cobra 180mm water pump pliers, you will love them

Equipment/ Clothing:

  • Socks after the ride (1x)
  • Underpants after the ride (1x)
  • Zipptrousers/ shorts
  • T-shirt after driving (1x)
  • Possibly. pajamas
  • Scarf, thicker version
  • MX softshell jacket or enduro jacket
  • MX rain jacket, thin one-ply poncho for quick drüberziehen
  • Leisure cap
  • Backpack, approx. 30 liters with pelvic and chest strap; Backpack is firmly fixed to the driver
  • Hydration bladder , about 1-2 liters
  • Lighter, smoking, warming campfire, repair, ...
  • Plastic bags, stash your laundry in the bags and pack everything in the backpack; gives you an extra water protection, you could fall at a river crossing
  • MX gloves, medium thickness for cold driving days
  • Pannier with center and side buckles, approx. 5 liters, eg Decathlon Itiwit; attach the bag by means of straps / luggage spider at 2 to 3 independent points on the motorcycle, thread the straps through the center and side buckles
  • Straps / luggage spider for pannier
  • MX Boots
  • MX Helmet
  • MX Goggles
  • MX Pants
  • MX Jersey
  • Knee pads/ knee brace
  • Protector shirt
  • Protector pants
  • Kidney belt / stabilization belt
  • Scarf, thin design
  • MX gloves, thin design
  • Functional undershirt, eg made of merino wool has the advantage that it does not smell like sweat after days in use
  • Function pants such as merino wool has the advantage that it does not smell like sweat after days in use
  • Waterproof socks / stockings; your shoes are getting wet and not just outside
  • Bumbag, eg from SENO TECHNOLOGY with an additional tether


  • Muesli lane, for day trip if on the road purchase or total package for the entire tour
  • Powerbar, for day trip if on the road purchase or total package for the entire tour
  • Ener gypulver or and Ovaltine as insider tip; in a watertight, unbreakable container
  • Salt and mineral substance capsules, eg salt stick


  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Shower tray, small version
  • Medication/ first aid kit , small version
  • Glasses/ contact lenses
  • Handkerchief/ Toilet paper
  • Disinfectants, eg Betaisodona
  • Painkillers, strong version
  • Flip-flops, some hotels breed mushrooms in the showers and as a sports shoe set
  • Personal equipment


  • Mobile phone with possibly map material
  • Charger mobile phone, 110/ 230V
  • USB cable Mobile phone, 5V; if necessary on the charger 110 / 230V
  • Headlamp, version with AA or AAA batteries; Batteries can be bought worldwide. When the battery is empty the night looks dark.
  • Maps in paper form; Backup if Navigerät defective and for further planning
  • Navigerät, eg Garmin models, recommendation: version with AA or AAA batteries, batteries can be purchased at every gas station; Main navigation and as a backup mobile phone
  • Batteries for Navigerät, a complete set of batteries in the luggage; most of the time, the battery goes flat in the middle of the forest
  • Possibly. Music player
  • Possibly. Batteries for music players , with AA or AAA batteries, these can be purchased anywhere
  • Pocket knife, medium quality grade
  • Pepper spray, small version; Defense against wild dogs, wolves, bears, drunk people
  • Personal equipment


  • Passport, depending on the destination; Note the residual
  • Visas, depending on the destination
  • Identity card; Note the residual
  • Driver's license, if applicable international driver's license; Note the residual
  • Green insurance card, depending on the destination; Note the residual
  • vehicle registration certificates
  • Credit cards; Note the residual
  • Cash
  • Document bag, waterproof version; Recommendation: Ortlieb valuables bag PS17 A5

Note: Scan all documents and place them in your Internet account/ cloud. If you lose, you have a quick backup.

List as Download

We wish you lots of fun exploring and good luck on the next tour, your SENO TECHNOLOGY team.

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